Bespoke typefaces

Typography is one of the most essential building blocks of visual communication. Be it a brand, an organisation or a publication, custom-made bespoke typefaces infuse any graphic assets with a unique voice. Underscore has helped clients refine their typographic palette with custom fonts and also offers bespoke versions of the regular font catalog upon request.

QAP display typeface

Advertising a bottle cork that transforms plain water into sparkling lemonade required a typeface to make a splash, so Underscore contributed a casual display font for use in all communications.

Part of the project was advising the client on the charset range and typographic marks required for the use case. While the initial campaigns required primarily Finnish and English, support for other Nordic markets (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) and major languages using the Latin script.

The display font features a rough and hand made aesthetic with a lively rhythm. Compared to some initial references the design settled on a somewhat even baseline to give the headlines a more solid appearance. The letter shapes and especially regularity of the stems and round letter parts, however, is decidedly uneven and playful, often requiring delicate kerning pairs to provide a even appearance.


More custom projects will be published soon, stay tuned…

Custom typefaces coming soon