Custom fonts

Differentiate and elevate your brand by giving it a unique typographic voice. Underscore is an experienced partner in taking your brief for a custom font, thinking holistically about your brand touchpoints and how they relate to typography. Step by step we take our clients from initial consultation to the design processes and use of their own custom type.

Selected projects

Plato Sans

Design startup Plato (rebranded since as: Aesthetic) made a strong entrance with their own visual identiy heavily leaning on a sharp typographic voice. Underscore collaborated with them to design a contemporary and sharp sans serif for their own branding, from logotype to headlines.


Finnish game developers Muro Studios were looking to raise the bar for their upcoming release ‘Doomblade’ — a side-scroller game set in an engimatic world where the power of magical artefacts from outer space need to be wielded.

To deliver a coherent and visually compelling world that does not stop short at the UI texts and interactive dialogs, Muro and Underscore teamed up to develop a unique typographic voice for the game.

Chico's Sans

For the rebranding of this “American style” chain restaurant to a more contemporary brand Underscore helped expand the refined logo into a full-fledged display typeface now in use throughout all the chain’s restaurants from logo to menus and signage.

Kera Sans

Keran Hallit (Kera market halls) is a real estate development project transforming an disused industrial complex into a vibrant business area. To communicate this transformation from old to new we teamed up with Berry Creative to deliver a playful and adaptable custom type for the project’s marketing.

Garden Helsinki

The Garden Helsinki development project is an ambitious combination of a brand new sports arena paired with commericial business in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Underscore helped hasan & partners create a custom typeface that will form the typographic voice of this massive infrastructure project, from logotype to signage use in the arena.

Custom font & bespoke services

Custom typeface design

Generate value for your brand and marketing with a custom typeface that encapsulates your core values and is tailored to your use case.

Language & charset extension

Refining and expanding existing fonts is a common use case for global brands. We assist with the extension or modification of existing typefaces.

Technical production

With expert knowledge in font production and the technical aspects of various font use environment we are here for our customers to help them develop technically flawless fonts.

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