End user licence agreement

This licence is written to be easy to understand. Please take a minute and read it through, as this is a legally binding agreement for the use of our fonts you purchase. By purchasing our fonts you accept the conditions in this Licence Agreement.

  1. You or the company or organisation on who’s behalf you purchase the licence, herein referred to simply as “you”, are licensing fonts.
  2. Underscore, referred to herein simply as “we”, is the owner and holder of all immaterial rights of those fonts you license and use, herein referred to simply as “our fonts”. Our fonts are made available to you as installable digital font software files, and we hold and retain all immaterial rights to that software and the original typeface design.
  3. This licence is not exclusive, and it is not transferable. It applies to our fonts and any free updates to them in the future.
  4. You cannot distribute or sell copies or modified versions of our fonts. We retain the copyright and all other immaterial rights to our fonts.
  5. If you work for or with a third party, you and they each need to have their own licence for our fonts.
  6. This licence’s desktop user limit, website unique visitor limit and other use case restrictions depend on your purchased licence tier, and are always applied to the one legal entity, company or organisation licensing our fonts.
    • Desktop user limits refer to the number of unique monthly users that our fonts may be used by. For Company or Enterprise tiers the number of users is tied to one physical location.
    • Unique monthly visitor limits apply per domain, and those domains need to be registered to you.
    • All licence tiers allow you to use our fonts for logos or word marks.
    • All licence tiers allow you to use our fonts for print ads and online banners.
    • All licence tiers allow you to embed our fonts in a read-only fashion in documents you create, and sending those documents to be printed or manufactured by a third party.
    • Embedding our fonts in ePubs for distribution requires a Professional, Company or Enterprise tier licence, and those ePubs need to be published by you.
    • Embedding our fonts in your mobile apps, software, movies, video ads or interactive documents requires either the Company or Enterprise tier licence. Those end products need to be published by you.
    • The test font licence prohibits commercial and personal use of our fonts. You may install and use the provided, limited, test fonts for the sole purpose of evaluation. You may mock up designs using those test fonts but you are required to purchase a full licence for any and all publication, commercial or personal use of those designs.
  7. Our fonts are delivered on an “as is” basis. There is no implied warranty or guarantee of technical fitness.
  8. We are not liable for costs or damages to you arising from the use of our fonts, including claims made against you by third parties.
  9. You cannot modify our fonts unless you have obtained prior written permission from us. You may generate subset web fonts, permitted that you retain all meta information embedded in our fonts. No support for those generated web fonts is provided.
  10. This Licence Agreement is perpetual, remains in effect until terminated, and when terminated you no longer have the right to use our fonts.
    • If you breach any part or condition of this Licence Agreement, the licence is automatically terminated without notice.
    • When the Licence Agreement is terminated, you must immediately destroy all copies of our fonts in your possession.
    • You can request a termination of the licence within 30 days of purchase and will receive a refund of your licence fee, presuming that you have not made use of our fonts.
    • If your licence tier no longer is sufficient to cover your use volume or use case needs, contact us to upgrade your licence. Previously payed licence fees are deducted from the upgrade cost.
    • We reserve the right to make changes to this Licence Agreement in the future.
    • This Licence Agreement is governed by Finnish law.

If you have any questions or want to request custom licence agreements, contact support.

Enjoy using our fonts!