Privacy policy

An essential part of Underscore's guiding principles is dedicated to transparency and fair and respectful business practices. Your privacy as visitor on this website, in doing business with Underscore, and while using this online shop are paramount. Any data we collect is treated confidentially and is collected for the purpose of making your experience as smooth as possible.

Data collection

Data collected on this website are of two sorts:

  • Data essential to operating this web store and delivering digital goods. We require customers to provide data about themselves, such as their name, email, billing address and company information. For the purpose of downloading fonts you purchased an account is created for you.
  • Auxiliary data collected for monitoring our website performance, visitor flow, usability or technical problems. This also includes meta data like your IP address, time of website visitor and system and network information your browser exposes to Underscore’s servers.

Underscore’s website uses SSL encryption (you can verify this by checking the https protocol in your browser address bar). This means any information sent between your browser and Underscore’s web servers is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be read by anybody in-between.

For storing orders we are seamlessly creating an account linked to the purchase email, which is used to download the purchased fonts. To facilitate handling your order and making the licensed fonts available to you we need to create an account, so you can later return and access download your files and review your order.

Auxiliary data and analytics about visitor behavior and actions is implemented via Google Analytics and Google Tag manager. That information is collected in anonymized form, and our site works perfectly fine should you choose to opt to suppress such tracking in your browser. Your IP address and URI requests are logged on our servers, but they, too, are anonymous statistics we use merely to monitor our website’s performance and user needs, such as what are commonly used browsers and screen resolutions our visitors have.

Your data is handled by Underscore, a private trade name registered in Finland, and the actual person responsible for your data’s secure handling is Johannes Neumeier, owner of Underscore Type. If you have questions relating data security or privacy feel free to get in touch.

Data storage

  • Cookies
    Our webshop stores cookies in your browser to work correctly. This is for keeping track of things like your shopping cart, login status, browsing location and actions on the site.
  • Account data
    Your account data is stored in our database, which is physically located in a secure data center in Germany. Your password is stored in an encrypted format, which means neither Underscore nor our server administrators can view your plain text password. To reset your account password, you need to make a password request and will be prompted via email to create a new password. We cannot manually reset your password.
  • Payment data
    Underscore does not save any sensitive payment data like credit card information on its servers. Payment is handled via Stripe (credit cards) or via Paypal. Both service providers are PCI compliant and safely store your payment transaction data on their respective servers.
  • Analytics data
    Any analytics data collected about user statistics is saved in anonymized form on Google’s service platforms and accessible only Underscore and not shared with any other parties.

Data sharing

Underscore does not share data collected about visitors or customers with any third party. Period.

Data security measures

We take data security and your privacy very serious. Here is a couple of measures we have taken to make sure your account and purchase data is save with us:

  • Our entire site is served via SSL and as such, the data sent between your browser and our website is end-to-end encrypted.
  • Our site has industry level protection against DDoS attacks and we aim to use the latest updates for our servers and software to prevent potential attacks.
  • Should our site become target of a cyber attack all registered users will be informed immediately about the type of attack, to what degree access was gained and if any user information has been compromised.

Your data is your data

If for some reason or another you wish to get a copy of all the data we have collected relating to your visit or account please be in touch with support.

It is also okay should you want to entirely have your account and any traces of it erased from our data storage. Certain data relating to your purchase we will retain as offline hard copy, but deleting your account with us is possible. For this, too, please be in touch with support.