Differentiate and elevate your brand by giving it a unique typographic voice. Underscore is an experienced partner for developing your custom font, thinking holistically about your brand touchpoints and how they relate to typography. We take you step by step, from initial consultation to the design processes and finally use of your own custom type.

With expert expertise in font engineering and web development we have also helped other type foundries and designers with the technical aspects of the production, marketing and sale of typefaces.

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Typeface design and typography

Generate value for your brand and marketing with a custom typeface that encapsulates your core values and is tailored to your use case.

Service offering

  • custom typeface design
  • language & charset extension
  • logo design and typographic treatments
  • type direction and typographic tone of voice

Font engineering and production

With expert knowledge in font production and the technical aspects of various font use environment we are here for our customers to help them develop technically flawless fonts and assist with their production processes. You can get quality help also in the more technical phases of font production: Drawing, metrics, kerning, hinting, mastering, testing and quality assurance.

Service offering

  • font production
  • quality assurance
  • tool and plugin development

Foundry e-commerece and web development

Underscore has assisted businesses, brands, type foundries and designers with various development services. From website implementations, web shops to scripts for the type design process, our focus on type design and font related technologies for web and desktop make Underscore a valuable partner.

Service offering

  • e-commerce solutions
  • full stack web development
  • process automation

The best voyages are made together

It is a delight to collaborate with and support these inspiring type foundries, design agencies and creatives in joint endeavours past and present.

And many more fabulous individuals and companies not listed here.