Underscore Manifesto

Nothing fancy, just a few simple rules that guide how this ship is run.

There is no point in pursuing excellency half-heartedly. A well thought-out and flawlessly executed design is the essence of Underscore typefaces. Quality means refined typographic range, it means inclusive language support, features that make sense, and designs that enchant.

See what languages and Opentype features we support by browsing our releases Jozef, Silta, Quell and Constant.

Curiosity and striving to get better, understand more thoroughly, and work smarter is what drives Underscore. Originality, research and experimentation form the fundamental basis for unique work.

Read articles, follow developement on social media or get in touch with support if you spotted something amiss or want to send us feedback.

Fair business is built on mutual respect for one another. Communicating openly is the basis upon which cooperation and trust flourish.

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